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Briony Hills

Occupational Therapist

Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) (Honours) 


Briony is an Occupational Therapist who has experience working across multiple settings, including workers compensation (WorkCover), aged care and the disability sector. Briony's Honours project was: 'to compare the physical activity patterns of autistic adults and those not on the autism spectrum.'


Briony has experience assisting recommendations for home modifications and assistive technology, sensory processing issues, developing graduated return to work programs, work site assessments and much more.


Briony has an overarching focus on helping people to improve, sustain and restore independence in activities that are purposeful and meaningful in their lives.

Briony can assist with:

  • Prescription of equipment and implementing home modifications 

  • Working alongside people with ASD to develop goals, assess baseline functioning and improve fine / gross motor skills, sensory behaviours & handwriting skills.

  • Trained in specialist disability accommodation assessments

  • Trained in Positive Behaviour Support.