Pain Management

At Body Agility, our team are highly skilled practitioners who use scientific evidence based research to manage and improve pain. We are musculoskeletal experts and we treat neuropathic pain and neurological conditions.


If you are living with persistent (chronic) pain, in general terms, an active exercise program is needed to support your continued mobility and quality of life. Effective relief of chronic pain can be supported by a tailored program individually designed for you, which will entail specific exercises to practice and build into your own schedule. 

We begin with an assessment of your current physical function. We will then create an exercise and treatment program to suit your personal goals and overall physical health (and liaise with other members of your health care team where appropriate). 


Effective pain therapy requires a biopsychosocial model of care which takes the physiology of pain into account alongside your lifestyle and many other factors. At Body Agility, we understand this and will work with you to understand your needs and design a treatment plan to improve your quality of life.