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Eimear Doherty

Occupational Therapist

Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) 

As an Occupational Therapist, Eimear can provide Functional Capacity Assessments and many other therapeutic interventions to assist people with activities of daily living. Eimear works with patients of all ages.

Eimear can assist you with:

  • attention and concentration

  • fine motor skills (eg: grasping & handwriting)

  • gross motor skills (balance, climbing, running, etc)

  • eating and drinking (limited food choices, fear of food)

  • learning (remembering, planning, problem solving)

  • self care (dressing, toileting, brushing teeth, etc)

  • play and social skills

  • sensory, behavioural  and emotional regulation

  • and visual awareness and communication.


Eimear provides exceptional care for our patients and supports them to experience increased overall wellness and more meaningful, enjoyable lives.

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