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Functional Capacity Assessments

Rapid & High Quality Functional Capacity Assessments (FCAs)

At Body Agility, our Therapists are highly qualified and experienced in assisting people of all ages to determine their Functional Capacity through a Functional Capacity Assessment and Report (FCA).


We work with Support Coordinators, NDIS LACs (Local Area Coordinators), existing NDIS Participants; or private patients seeking evidence to support their application for NDIS funding (read our blog to learn about how we can support you with this evidence).

What is a Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA)?

Essentially, functional capacity is the ability to carry out tasks in a variety of everyday situations. If you experience difficulties with undertaking tasks, you may have 'reduced functional capacity.' If you are unable to effectively participate in or complete a task, you may have 'substantially reduced functional capacity.' A FCA is a report that captures the assessment conducted by the Therapist, with clinical recommendations for future supports to be funded.

What Are The Benefits of a Functional Capacity Assessment?

Below are two examples of how a Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA) can be beneficial.

Existing NDIS Participant Seeking Change of Circumstances Request:

  • If you are an existing NDIS Participant and you want evidence to support a NDIS 'Change of Circumstances' request, a Body Agility FCA may be beneficial. This is because our FCAs include specific recommendations regarding the types and quantity of supports recommended, tailored to the Participant, their condition(s) and their goals, following a carefully conducted assessment appointment.

  • FCAs can provide valuable advice for NDIS Planners so as to determine future NDIS funded supports supported by qualified therapists (only if 'reasonable and necessary'). Source: NDIS

Seeking NDIS Funding:

  • If you are seeking to apply for NDIS funding under Early Childhood Early Interventions, (ie your child is under 7 years old) we recommend that you refer to guidance on our Family Agility website (ECEI page).

  • If you are / your Participant is over 7 years of age and seeking to apply for NDIS funding, or if you want evidence to support a NDIS 'Change of Circumstances' request, a FCA can assist, as you will need to provide evidence showing that you meet each of the following disability requirements:

  1. have a disability from an intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory or physical impairments or to one or more impairments attributable to a psychiatric condition

  2. the impairment(s) are, or are likely to be, permanent

  3. you are likely to require support under the NDIS for your lifetime

  4. your impairment(s) affect your capacity for social or economic participation

  5. the impairment(s) result in 'substantially reduced functional capacity' to undertake, or psychosocial functioning in undertaking, one or more of the following 'life skill areas:' 

  • communication

  • social interaction

  • learning

  • mobility

  • self-care

  • self-management.

Read more about this in our blog.

How Quickly Can I Get A Functional Capacity Assessment?

Our FCAs have been audited and have been found to be of the highest quality and standard. Our FCAs are also rapid. We provide our quality assured Functional Capacity Assessment Reports within 14 business days following your assessment appointment. Additionally, we have no wait times for your assessment appointment due to our unique operating model.


Who Completes a Functional Capacity Assessment?

While the majority of FCAs are completed by Occupational Therapists (OTs), if appropriate, a Physiotherapist or a Speech Pathologist can also provide FCAs (eg: if the reduced functional capacity is mostly related to mobility, it may be more appropriate for the assessment to be completed by a Physiotherapist).


At Body Agility, we have OTs with deep experience in specific areas (eg: mental health; paediatrics; geriatrics; complex home modifications; complex assistive technology, etc), so we can allocate one of our therapists with experience and qualifications that aligns to you / your Participant / Patient for the best possible results. 


NDIS Participants & Support Coordinators

  • We provide mobile services (home / school / ACF / daycare facility, hospital, etc) right across the broader Perth region, or you can come to one of our locations.

  • We can also provide FCAs Australia-wide via Telehealth!

  • We are also registered for Early Childhood Early Interventions (ie: children under 9 years old).

  • We have no wait times at all due to our unique operating model.

  • If you are a Support Coordinator, Specialist Support Coordinator, Psychosocial Recovery Coach, Plan Manager or Local Area Coordinator, we would be delighted to work with you. Please complete and submit our NDIS Participant Referral form (use the button below), contact us on (08) 6373 5063 to discuss how we can support your Participants to achieve their NDIS goals with a rapid FCA.

  • If you are a Plan Managed, NDIA Managed or Self-Managed NDIS Participant, please use our 'Please Contact Me' button below so that we can create a Service Agreement in partnership with you to support the achievement of your NDIS goals.

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