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NDIS Access Request Support

At Body Agility, we are all driven to help people live their best lives. Our kind and caring Therapists are here to help if you (or your child / family member) has a disability (or developmental delay) and you're seeking access to NDIS funding / support for assistance with daily life.

As a registered NDIS provider (with best practice audit results*), we are the provider of choice to support your 'NDIS Access Request'. We have extensive clinical experience in disability management, particularly with regard to neurological conditions, chronic disease, psychosocial disabilities, childhood developmental delay conditions, assistive technology, complex home modifications and so much more.  


How We Can Help:


1.  Rapid, High Quality NDIS Access Request Reports

  • If you are seeking access to the NDIS, we can provide you with the supporting evidence needed to submit with your 'NDIS Access Request Form.'

  • We have no wait times due to our unique operating model, so we can support you quickly!

  • After an assessment by one of our Therapists, we can provide a specially tailored 'Body Agility NDIS Access Request Report.'

  • We will provide your personalised Report within 14 business days following your assessment appointment.

  • We can also provide support via telehealth, Australia-wide!

2.  Supplementary Assistance with Your NDIS Access Request Form

  • If you also need support filling out your 'NDIS Access Request Form,' we can assist (however please note that this service is not included in our assessment & 'NDIS Access Request Report' process above), but is available for an additional charge.

How Do I Get My 'NDIS Access Request Report'?

'NDIS Access Request Report'
Referral Form

Our process is super quick and easy. Please provide the following information and we will be in touch within 48 hours (business days).

Do you have any existing evidence / documents to support your application?

Thank you for your referral.

We will be in touch within 48 hours (business days) guaranteed!

Want More Info?

*refer to our home page for further details.

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